People need professionalism for all jobs. Professionalism describes a group of skills that help people in any career. It includes being on time, making good decisions, and choosing clothes that are right for the job. How you interact with others is also part of these skills. Professionalism can help you find a job, keep a job, and move up in your job.

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You want people to think good things about you when you start a new job. You will be more likely to keep that new job if you are professional.

Watch this video with a partner. Compare the interviews.

Think about these questions:

  • What did you think about Travis in the first video when he walked out of the elevator? Why did you feel this way?
  • How did Travis talk about his experience in the second interview? How would you answer?

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You will do better in any job if you are professional. Receptionists need to be professional at work. Receptionists work in many kinds of offices. They answer phones and talk to customers. They affect how many people think about a company. Learn more about receptionists here.