Oral Communication

Oral communication means talking. You need to talk clearly for most jobs. You may need to work on a team. Talking clearly helps you work with other people. They can understand what you say. You can also learn more about what you should do at work when you ask good questions.

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Sometimes you need to talk to your boss or others about work information. You may need to say if a job is finished. You may need to tell what you are doing if you are still working on an assignment. You may also need to think about problems at work and explain how to solve them.

Try this activity with a partner. Read the job chart together. Pretend to be Sarah or Alex. Your partner pretends to be the other person. Use the information to tell which tasks you did. Say any problems you had. Practice talking clearly about the tasks.

Use these questions to help you start.

  • Were there any tasks you did not do?
  • What problem did you have?
  • How many tasks did you do today?

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