Critical Thinking

Critical thinking means learning how ideas work together. Critical thinkers can organize ideas. They think in creative ways and make good decisions with the information they know.

You need critical thinking for most jobs. This skill can help you solve problems at work. You should think about the information you learn. You should be able to know if it is a fact or opinion.

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Vicky talks about an election ad in this video. She tells why you need critical thinking when you vote. It can help you choose the person to vote for. 

Watch the video. Then answer the questions.

Understand What You Read

1. Should you believe everything you read in the newspaper, online, or in advertisements? Why or why not?

2. Vicky says that the ad uses a “scare tactic." What does she mean?

3. A generalization is when something is true for one person or time and you say it is true in all times or for all people. Vicky finds a generalization in the poster. Can you find one in this advertisement?

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Vicky is a dispatcher. A dispatcher answers emergency calls. She sends people who can help (like police or firefighters) to the place where the emergency is. Dispatchers need critical thinking skills. Click here to learn more about this job.