Written Communication

Written communication is telling information by writing. In some jobs, this is the main way to give messages. You may write for other workers or customers. You may need to write emails and reports for work. Good writing skills are important at work.

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You often communicate with your boss through emails. Your boss may email you with a list of jobs you need to complete.  You may need to email her back to ask questions.  You may need to email her an update.

Read the email below. Roberto works as a salesman in a small clothing store. Ana is Roberto’s supervisor. Ana asked Roberto to email a sales report to her.  How would you make Roberto’s email better? Discuss with a partner. 

Here are some questions to discuss:

·         Did Roberto write a professional email?

·         What changes would you make? Did you find any errors? (Hint: There are seven)

·         How do you think Ana will respond to Roberto’s email?

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Roberto works as a retail salesperson in a store. Salespersons sell products to customers. Retail sales jobs are entry-level jobs. These jobs can lead to promotions as assistant managers. To learn more about a job as a retail salesperson, read this retail sales workers profile from The United States Department of Labor. It might be a good job for you!