Information Technology Application

You need to use technology in many ways. Employers look for workers who can use technology to communicate. You should be able to do work better with technology, too.

Computers, copiers, and phones are all technology. Here are some kinds of technology you might use at work.

  • Office: computer and copier
  • Factory: robots and drills

You need to know how to use basic technology for most jobs. Your work may teach you to use special machines you will use for a job.

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Email can help you communicate with people at work. GCF Learn Free offers free lessons to help people learn technology skills.  Try this lesson  about how to use email. Then answer these questions.

  1. What are three reasons why it’s good to use email?
  2. What is an email management system?
  3. What email tools can help you at work? How can they help?

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Information clerks use technology every day. They make appointments, file reports, and build spreadsheets. Information clerks need good technology skills. They also need to communicate well with others.  Visit O*NET OnLine to learn more.